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Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Dangers of using Mineral Costetics we are not aware of

Using mineral powder foundations is very popular now a days. Since they are considered to be made from mother earth’s natural ingredients that is minerals, most people take is as a safe option to go for. It is also said that if u sleep with mineral makeup on your face, then also u wont break out!! Tempting na? Even I was going to opt for it since I have super oily skin. But the reality is researchers have found out some shocking facts regarding these cosmetics and that is - mineral foundation exaggerates fine lines!

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The finding are based on the analysis of some ingredients in it.

Silica is present in mineral foundation which reduces the oil from the skin, but it is found that silica contains some crystalline quartz which may cause cancer.
Mica is also present which is harmful for the liver and respiratory system if inhaled accidently.
Titanium dioxide which I know as a sun block ingredient, is used in almost all mineral cosmetics which is suspected to trigger cancer.
Talc which we always avoid to apply on skin is another thing found in mineral foundations and it exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles.
Have u heard about bismuth oxychloride? This chemical causes acne / pimples. This is also present in some powder makeups. I was going to purchase mineral makeup thinking that my skin is oily and this product will suit me, but after knowing all these things, I took a back step!! 

There are also few side effects of mineral cosmetics:
Redness in caused due to irritation of face. If the minerl powder, bronzer didn’t suited your skin, it will produce redness.
Before buying Bare Essential powder foundation, I read many reviews and found it caused breakouts to many girls. I also came to know that Bismuth Oxychloride is present in it which rritates sensitive skin.
Do you how these foundations hides our blemishes and open large pores? Actually these makeups goes deep into skn to even out skin tone and blemishes aren’t viible. But one side effect is that it can make wrinkles and creases around the mouth appear highly visible.
So, instead of using “mineral” foundations which has soooo many controversies, I decided to go for foundations which has no side effects on skin. I better use Pond’s TM and loose powder over it.
Its quite shocking that mineral cosmetics exaggerate fine lines but many people go for it as they are not aware of the possible dangers.

Prerana Sharma


  1. U saved me prerana. I was about to get bare minerals ka kit...
    my liquid foundation seems much better now...

  2. Great post prerna! Thanks for sharing:)


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