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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holi from a bird view…from the roof

Though I personally don’t play Holi due to my skin allergies, but couldn’t cage myself inside the four walls of my room on this celebration of colours. So I went out “on the roof” top and clicked these fun photos of the neighborhood enjoying Holi.

            Hope all the guys and gals out there had a wonderful Holi this year.. Happy Holi..

People going to visit their friends

Attack on a child with colors

All going to meet their friends to play holi

Mathura style holi with dhol-baja and all..

Nach fana and bhang!!

Oh these naughty men, trying to put colors inside a child's pant!!

And sardar ji is attacking fron roof top so that no one els can attack in return!!

Huge group roaming inside Air Force campus

This is in one of our neighbor's roof, playing with pichkari!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Visit To Ancestral Village (In North Bengal)

Visiting farms is so much fun... isn't it? The same i experienced when last week i went to my home town and had a visit to our ancestral village, there i played with hen, goats and experienced so many amazing things which i usually don't see in city like Delhi, so thought of sharing some memories of those days...

Way to our village

Baby goat scared of me...

Me in Kitchen Garden

My hubby with a bunch of banana...

Romancing in Tea Garden..

Me posing under lots of Palm Tree

This is a small pond where small Fish rearing takes place
So fresh fish every day in lunch &dinner!!

we in farm..

This is my younger sister-in-law Karubaki, very sweet and fun loving girl. Here trying to catch a pigeon...lolz..

This is my 3yrs old Niece - Rajanya Sharma, loves me like anything!! Even at night sticks to me and say - "i wana sleep with you" !! Well, she is wearing nail polish here in this pic..