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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Visit To Ancestral Village (In North Bengal)

Visiting farms is so much fun... isn't it? The same i experienced when last week i went to my home town and had a visit to our ancestral village, there i played with hen, goats and experienced so many amazing things which i usually don't see in city like Delhi, so thought of sharing some memories of those days...

Way to our village

Baby goat scared of me...

Me in Kitchen Garden

My hubby with a bunch of banana...

Romancing in Tea Garden..

Me posing under lots of Palm Tree

This is a small pond where small Fish rearing takes place
So fresh fish every day in lunch &dinner!!

we in farm..

This is my younger sister-in-law Karubaki, very sweet and fun loving girl. Here trying to catch a pigeon...lolz..

This is my 3yrs old Niece - Rajanya Sharma, loves me like anything!! Even at night sticks to me and say - "i wana sleep with you" !! Well, she is wearing nail polish here in this pic..


  1. Prerna you look very pretty in all the snaps. And I'm still drooling over your sarees! Looks like you had a nice time there :)

  2. Thank you sooo much Maha..
    and ya i had a great time there...i had never touched a goat, a chicken (hen's baby), never saw potato / radish plant before, so i was really excited to see to touch and hence had lots and lots of fun for whole week!!

  3. hey prerana..catching this post now..very pretty and i so miss village life because i have not experience any..when i grow old i would love to have a itchen garden..and u look amazing in saris and suits..hubby is lucky to have you:)

  4. I agree you are looking so sweet.lovely sarees.

  5. aww.. prerana .. you are making me miss bengal now :( feeling nostalgic

  6. prerna, are u bengali?????????? i'm bengali too. u r looking sooooo lovely in that taant'er shari. can u speak bengali? this is the first time i'm feeling the bengal touch in this blogger world. .....:))

  7. Yes Bulbul, i'm pure bengali :)
    and of course i can speak bengla! Tumi amar sathe bollae, ami uttor dobo..

  8. Hi Prerana. Your blog is so nice and beautiful, Has a kind of fresh touch to it. Following you now.

    Pass on my message to the photographer(s) s/he is a very good photographer. Has captured the essence to its fullest

  9. Beautiful entry and pics! I grew up in New Delhi, I'm going to follow you! Ciao from Italy :)

  10. Thanks Ciao...glad to know about you..

  11. Yes, It will be nice experience. Hope you and your Hubby had a great time.

  12. Love the pics nice and dear you look beautiful ...can't take eye of your lovely hair ..should really follow you tips now :D ....and thanks for visiting my blog ..glad that you liked the let me know if you try ..

  13. I resided at binnaguri village in north bengal some 20 plus years ago. Your photos just brought back the memories of rural north bengal. North bengal is more beautiful than the south. Weather is pleasant and more greenery. What is the name of your village, does it come under dooars belt.


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