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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It is raining in winters....

We Delhites are feeling as if trapped inside fridge. I posted a few pics of fog hit Delhi few days back. Though yesterday  Delhi was not under the blanket of dense fog but Yesterday here it was drizzling!! Such a topsy-turvy of weather!!




source: HT

If you are not a Delhite then tell me what u feel about this weather condition??

Monday, December 27, 2010

Fog Hit Delhi

r26th Dec was the coldest day of Delhi with the temperature recorded at 7 degree!!
I took the risk of coming out of my home and take few pics, here are they. Do comment what you feel about the condition of Delhites like me...

At 9am

Lane in front of my home

View from a flyover

View from flyover

Flyover with Delhi Metro line over it

Weather forecast says the fog will get densed in coming up weeks, it is so risky to drive in the morning but Delhites can't do anything for it. we have to rush office in morning hours....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Celebration...

, This Christmas i did two special things! First i made a plum cake (in fact i made it on Christmas eve in my microwave oven) and today went out with my hubby around Delhi enjoying Christmas with Delhites.. The weather was cool and absolutely romantic.. It was a fantastic day for both of us filled with fun & joy.
Liked my plum cake on Christmas Eve ?
Here I am - at India Gate

Shabbash dear Hubby,
i know u clicked this pic holding the cam in one hand!!


I had lots of Gol-Gappas at India Gate. 
After a hot coffee we went to 'Purana Killa'.

We walked around a lot hands-in-hands at the fort and adjacent park. My hubby took me to an Assamese Resturent 'Delicacy' for lunch.
At the end of the day good mood means good food. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ONION is making me weep

Being a home maker it really bothers me when there is shocking inflation of basic things. Onion’s price has shooted up to 75/- and then to 100/- Rs per Kg in some places!!!
Onion is the basic ingredient of Indian recipies and onion prices have more than doubled in Lasalgaon in Maharastra, India’s largest wholesale onion market, which sets prises for the whole country.


So I’m posting an onion-free recipe which I made today. It is called Mulo shak- a traditional Bengali recipe..
1. Chop the radish green leaves into real fine pieces. Cut radish in small cubes.
Cut 1 small brinjal inti smack cubes, also cut 250gm pumpkin into small cubes.
2. Heat Oil in Kadai/Frying Pan.
3. Add Kalo Jeera(Kalonji) and Shukno Lanka(Dry Red Chilies) as tadka.
4. Sauté the radish pieces and all vegetable pieces.
5. When they are little soft add the green leaves.
6. Add salt, turmeric and cook in low flame, covered.
7. Sauté till they are soft. In low flame it takes 45min to cook properly.
8. Final product will be semi wet / non gravy but not fried!!
9. Serve with Rice or Roti.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Life in a metro is always busy, life never stops here. So is my life in Delhi. Still i managed to take few pics of my lovely city that caught my attention. Well, Delhi 6 is just a title of a bollywood film and pin code of Old Delhi which is beautiful in its own way, but here i'm talking about New Delhi...