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Monday, February 13, 2012

I have become a new MOM !!!

A wish made upon a star..
my life is now complete, i'v become a new mother!

Proudly announcing with pure delight the birth of my newborn baby girl born on 08 Feb 12 (through C-section, baby weight 3.6 Kg). Today i got discharged from hospital, Yeppi....... and brought my huggable, lovable baby home ! 

This is the 1st picture of my baby when she was hardly a few hours old..

On the same day of birth in the evening

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bread bhurji with egg & cheese

This is a very quick and easy recipe with just few ingredients. Usually i feel hungry in the evening when the lunch have digested long ago and just tea and biscuit are not enough. During pregnancy i need, Infact every preggy lady needs some solid nutritious food / snacks in evening when there is a huge time gap between lunch and dinner. So one day i tried this recipe and it really satisfied my taste buds..

So here it goes:-

First heat a little oil in a kadai. Break one egg or two in it directly, put salt and swirl a spoon vigorously to make bhurji of the egg. Put the flame low.

Meanwhile take 4 slices of bread and cut them into small cubes as shown below.

Put the bread peices in the kadai, 1 spoon butter for taste, a little salt as per taste and mix the egg bhurji with the bread in low flame. Cook for about 5min, This will make the bread crisp.

Now add a little hot&sweet tomato chilli sauce and toss. after about a min put grated cheese over it

It is ready to eat.

Yummy and crispy to taste...tell me if u like this. :)