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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dress according to your age

Dressing ‘young’ is cool but what if someone end up looking funny? Some of our Bollywood divas too resulted in these faux pas…so we should learn from their mistakes...

I know she is a Barbie doll but is too much frilly dress ok?
In 20’s :
A girl in her 20’s is likely to have a body to pull off everything; she can experiment with colors, shapes n cuts. (note: body structure should be kept in mind while wardrobe shopping).

Frumpy frocks suits those with  long legs & slim body
In 30’s :
At this age, cellulites begins to deposit. A girl should work hard for a well toned body with great abs, firm boobs and shapely butts to carry off..Do not go overboard with neckline…

Is Short tight dresses ok for her?

In 40’s :
One thing to avoid strictly is- too much of frills n fringes! I think calf length skirts, trousers, shirts, kurtis with tights all these classic outfits will go nice at this age..

Please look at her shoes!

In 50’s :
Every one is not Madonna right! This age is all about going sophisticated and classic. Warm n muted toned saris, kurtis even can make someone graceful… 

So what do you think about it, is wardrobe selection age dependent according to you? Or it is just body shape that should be considered most while shopping for cloths??


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  2. wats wrg wit divya dutta..not once bt always shes wearng such stuff !!


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