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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fog Hit Delhi

r26th Dec was the coldest day of Delhi with the temperature recorded at 7 degree!!
I took the risk of coming out of my home and take few pics, here are they. Do comment what you feel about the condition of Delhites like me...

At 9am

Lane in front of my home

View from a flyover

View from flyover

Flyover with Delhi Metro line over it

Weather forecast says the fog will get densed in coming up weeks, it is so risky to drive in the morning but Delhites can't do anything for it. we have to rush office in morning hours....


  1. oh wow it is foggy but the photos are cool.

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  2. hey prerana..always saw ur comments at wise she..nice followin u..

  3. my fren was thr yest n today n said it was so foggy no1 could see anything beyond
    must be real cool tr..m missin the weather :(

  4. Nice pix PRERANA.... I'm from Lahore we got the same weather here.... this is the pic from my terrace
    I luv fog :X:X::X:X


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