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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Celebration...

, This Christmas i did two special things! First i made a plum cake (in fact i made it on Christmas eve in my microwave oven) and today went out with my hubby around Delhi enjoying Christmas with Delhites.. The weather was cool and absolutely romantic.. It was a fantastic day for both of us filled with fun & joy.
Liked my plum cake on Christmas Eve ?
Here I am - at India Gate

Shabbash dear Hubby,
i know u clicked this pic holding the cam in one hand!!


I had lots of Gol-Gappas at India Gate. 
After a hot coffee we went to 'Purana Killa'.

We walked around a lot hands-in-hands at the fort and adjacent park. My hubby took me to an Assamese Resturent 'Delicacy' for lunch.
At the end of the day good mood means good food. 

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