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Monday, August 26, 2013

Maternity Leave Over!!!

 I was sooo missing little angel kept me busy. But i have no regrets as well. A baby is the best gift to a mother and in spite of all those sleepless nights, messy things, un-organised stuffs bla bla bla...the smiling face of baby gives a mother the greatest joy of her life. After we shifted our base to Allahabad,UP, i couldn't get a maid who could stay with us morning to evening, or any nanny for my baby and it got very difficult for me to manage everything alone as my in-laws stays in west bengal and my mom too isn't in her healthy self...but in this 1 year my baby taught me to be more patient, to be more responsible and a more matured person...
             Now my daughter is 18 months old...she is growing up so fast...her shoes, dresses all are getting tight in a few months...she is learning soooo many words. Whatever she listen...she tries to say it..She can recognize all the animals and birds in her book which we brought for her...and the most surprising fact is when she says something which we didn't taught wonders, babies are copy master and they do have sharp catching power!!!
             My daughter Raima, her nick name...(Shrestha Sharma as she will be known to her world) now has inspired me to get back to blogging which i love and also has given me a topic about which i will be writing more blog post - that is all about Raima and my motherhood...And this is Journey of a mother....

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