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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hi FRIENDS I'm on Family Way ......

Friends, Here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. I'm on family way and now into 9th month of my pregnancy !
     Yes, till now it has been quite a long journey indeed towards motherhood and now when I have entered into 9th month of my pregnancy, I feel that it is time i share my wonderful experiences with all of you friends. I must say the 1st trimester was really exhausting. However, the 2nd trimester was better and it passed rather quickly with so many medical tests and regular visits to Gyne specialist. And now when i'm in my 3rd trimester & in last phase of my pregnancy, i'am feeling it is taking a bit long time. Actually, now as i can clearly feel the movements of my almost fully developed baby inside my womb, the feeling of having MY OWN BABY is making me desperate to hold her in my lap! I just can't WAIT !!
        The baby started kicking inside the womb in 5th month itself proving her presence as if some pop-corns were popping up inside the belly !! Sometimes the feeling was like as if a few butterflies were fluttering inside!!   Gradually the kicks started getting more intense and now when she stretches inside, the move is clearly visible from outside ! In my 9th month, i know all her organs / senses must have fully developed and she must be able to hear me too!! Wow, it is sooo exciting...
    .  As the space in the womb is getting lesser every day with her gradual growth, i just move my hands gently over my belly assuring her that it is just a matter of another few weeks - and she would no more be deprived of space..ha ha!! I'm prepared to bring my SWEET LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY in my sweet home where every single person is eagerly waiting for her. 
            All the way in these 9 months I have experienced all kind of emotions – sad when I was vomiting frequently throughout my 1st trimester, energetic and  enthusiastic when I was in my 2nd trimester, a strange eternal wish of eating sweets which once I used to hate so much before getting preggy, a feeling of protecting my baby bump while walking through a crowded place, and above all an overwhelming feeling of motherhood  thinking of my baby while sitting quite and staring at my baby bump. Very recently ‘my nesting instinct’ also surfaced up so strongly that now whenever i feel energetic, i try to do all normal household chores like dusting/cleaning our home, washing cute cute delicate garments of my baby which I recently purchased. This gives me an immense self satisfaction that – yes, my home is now ready to welcome my delicate new born!
            This being my 1st pregnancy, making me very excited everyday which I will never ever be able to explain in words. Long back I had decided to make myself photographed each month so that I can cherish them later on…Here are a few pictures of mine with my baby bump, taken by my ever loving Hubby...

Me in nine months

nine months baby belly

This pic was taken in eighth month

Nine month belly again

Some people say, my baby belly is too small to be a nine months belly…but I don’t bother! Till my doctor gives a perfect ok for my baby’s growth and development there is nothing to bother about…
And hey, i'am very very happy now a days and very excited to reach my due date which is 12th feb 2012…


  1. looks glowing and sweet in these pics :) don't bother about anything..soon the healthy ,pretty baby will be in your lap :)..all the best dear

  2. You are looking so great in all the pics. All the best to you in welcoming your bundle of joy.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. thanks Deepa and Siri, may be this is the 'pregnancy glow' which many expectant moms notice in their skin!!
    Just a month more and i'm super excited....

  4. OMG Prerana u luk absolutely fit n baby too *cute* <3 wish u all the best for the due date. Godbless !! :-*

  5. u r looking soo cute prerna...u r all glowing n happppyyyy...all the best for this new journey!!!

  6. i was thinking abt you for somedays..... that you said you r pregnant then ............ok very good..... wish all the very best for you and your upcoming baby..god bless you both

  7. @ upasana - as of now ya i'm really fit n fine. (touch wood), thanks for your best wishes...

    @ pavani - thankuuu....will share my baby's pics too soon.

    @ ani - ya, that post ws in sep last year, since then i ws in hibernation Hah ha ha..

  8. Ooh you look so radiant!! Congratulations Prerana, hope the rest of your term and everything that follows goes on uneventfully and God blesses you with a perfect little bundle of joy! :)

  9. congrats prerna..u r glowing:) touchwood. best of luck.

  10. You look gorgeous Prerana...Thanks so much for sharing these precious snippets with us...its lovely to see u like this and so happy...

    God Bless you, baby and your entire family..Muaaahh!!


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