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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lakme fantasy collection Shimmer Liner - Midnight Moon Review

Lakme Shimmer Liner – Midnight Moon Review
Lalme’s fantasy collection is such a huge hit this year that almost every product is loved by girls. Me being fond of eyeliners, grabbed shimmer liner for me.

What it claims
Steal the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading.

Available shades – Midnight moon, moonshine topcoat, pink crystal, bronze melt, astral green, glimmer blue, mystic mauve and indigo star.

Rs 275/- for 3.5ml

Not listed.

About the shimmer liner -
Packaging - It comes in a small and sleek bottle. The cap is very long and the applicator is in brush form which is my personal favorite as felt tip applicator gives thick lines whereas I like thin lines.

Color - Midnight Moon is somewhat bluish black or grayish black in color with very fine silver+blue mix shimmers. But the shimmer is so fine that it does not look too much when you apply onto your eye (see pic below)
Texture – when I went to lakme store, they had only 5 shades available with them. Midnight moon is grayish black in color with a hint of silver shimmers which is not at all OTT, moonshine topcoat is transparent liner with golden shimmers in it, pink crystal is glossy pink, astral green is glossy aqua green, bronze melt is glossy golden. The liner has a quick drying formula but it is not waterproof so one need to be careful not to rub it or get it moist.

Brush – Ii has a soft, long and thin brush with the long cap which facilitates application of the eyeliner very smoothly. If you have a steady hand, you can easily draw thin lines, winged lines, or what ever may be your style..


My likes
  1. It doesn't smudge and dries in 2-3 seconds.
  2. Midnight black is something different than the traditional black matte eyeliners.
  3. The shimmers in it is not too much so can be worn in day time too.
  4. Staying power is of 3-4 hours, (but one have to be careful not to rub eyes).
  5. The brush is of very good quality hence it glides smoothly on lash lines.
  6. Because of long handle of the cap, there is better grip and application is easy.

An experiment to see if its waterproof or not

running under tap water

still didn't smudged
after rubbing

My dislikes
  1. I find midnight moon is little thin in consistency hence 2 coats are required to make it opaque line.
  2. After cleansing, the shimmer particles linger here & there!
  3. It is not water proof so on one hand using it in rainy days is not advisable and on other hand cleaning it up is easy without exerting much pressure on eyes!
  4. hmmm…I don’t find any! Actually I love this shade J 

Will I re-purchase it
I will always re purchase Midnight Moon because this one is a new avtar of the traditional black matte eyeliner which I have been using since ages and quite bored with it now. The color of Midnight Moon is new, refreshing and very wearable in offices too.
            From the other shades I’m waiting for the indigo star to hit the stores coz I have a fascination for that color J



  1. yup u know i like it as it has this thin consistency so it good to be used as an winged eyeliner :)

    nice review:)

  2. Nice review. I would have preferred this had it been water proof because its not very cheap

  3. ya..this a big problem Nivedita! but this shade have won my heart and i think except rainy season i will use this...

  4. Good review Prerana.Like u said, its indeed a fresh change from the boring matte black liner

  5. such a pretty shade..isnt it?

  6. yup..its indeed very preety shade :)

  7. Wow looks gud ...did I told you ...I love your blog header..its so so gud

  8. Thankies priti....thats me in Goa!
    and did i told you that i love 'indian khana' too. :)


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