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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My journey towards motherhood..

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for those who waited it for long…and even for those who got it as a surprise gift! I have many friends who didn’t had any plans to get pregnant but accidentally it happened. Even they in their later stages of pregnancy find it amazing and wonderful experience. It’s a new kinda feeling for dads-to-be too!! I remember, when I first informed my husband about my conception, he was elated like anything! Since 3 yrs of marriage, I had never seen my husband sooooo very much happy before!! More to my surprise, his caring nature towards me changed so drastically! Ya, he used to care me a lot earlier also but he started caring me even more after the news broke out. He started to serve me milk mixed with mother’s horlicks ( so that I don’t skip drinking milk saying its Yukk!! ), make me eat fruits, salads and dry fruits in his presence, almost stopped making me drive or any kind of bike ride to avoid any jerks in the road, started to cook for me and so much more. I felt as if, I was falling in love with him all over again…..

            So I thought, I should pen down my feelings during these nine months so that someday when my baby grows up and read all these articles, he will be so happy to know that m'ma and daddy were on top of the world when they got the news of his/her arrival…and what will be the better option that noting down everything in my blogs??

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  1. congrats prerna...n all the best for the new journey...

  2. Congrats!!!!!and All the Best Prerna...

  3. Prerna...Congrats so much girl...may god give you a sweet and healthy baby...

  4. thanks a ton to all my well wishers... :)

  5. Hi Prerana,
    My hearty congratulations!! i was just wondering as to what happened to you since there as no posts on Wise She nor any posts here!! no comments wonder the news is here!!! God bless you with a happy and healthy baby. I know its one of the most happiest and cherished moments in our life. Just enjoy each n every day of your mother hood!!

  6. So well written..Wish u a healthy baby, take care :)

  7. Congratz Prerna ..i know how it feels everytime when saw only one red band..all the best and may god give you a healthy beautiful baby :)


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