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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tok Dal (Raw Mango Flavored Dal)

Mango flavored Dal is a simple Dal cooked with raw green Mangoes during the hot summer months in West Bengal. Tok = sour taste / khatta taste! Tok Dal in Bengali means, Dal which is a little sour in taste. Tamarind is not used much in Bengali cuisine so it is the raw mango which is used to achieve this tangy sourness. It is believed that Tok Dal cools down the body and helps in easy digestion in summers.

Ingredients -
1 cup Masoor Dal
2 cup water to cook the dal in pressure cooker
Half Raw Green Mango -chopped into thick slices
3-4 Green Chillies
half tsp Mustard seeds (black mustard)
Turmeric, salt as per taste

How to make it -
Wash the Dal. Put it in pressure cooker with 2 cups water, chillies, salt and turmeric. Let it whistle, put the flame low till 4-5 min (or till you feel dal is boiled), then put off the flame.

Peel the green mango and chop into longitudinal thick pieces.

Heat Oil in a Kadhai.
Add half tsp Mustard seeds.
Let the mustard seeds to sputter, add the mango pieces. Sauté the mango for a couple of minutes.

Whisk the pressure cooked Dal with a whisk and add it to the Kadhai.
Add more water to it as per your desired consistency of dal, cover and cook and boil slowly for a few minutes.
 Have it with White Rice..(plus other veggies of your choice)

sorry i'm not good at photography so kindly excuse me!
nevertheless, enjoy the tangy taste of tok dal this summer.  :)

Note : Preggy ladies will love this dal like anything..  :)


  1. Yum Yum... I love khatta food :)

  2. Hi Prerana ,
    How are you doing? I love this comfort dal with plain rice in summers.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Nice recipe Prerna.........We too make this Dal in South India but the process is a bit different..

  4. arey u wont believe, but i just had it a few days ago. this is my favourite. my mum makes amazing tok daal. hi5!

  5. nice recipe and nice blog.....i use dry aamchoor instead of raw mango and that also tastes delicious...tok dal is my fav in summer

  6. prerana koi bengali chutneys ki recipe bhi post karo plzzz :P

  7. Thank you so much girls :)
    and Anu, sure i will post recipies of bengali mom-in-law knows to make chutni of tomato, pineapple, olive and many more..


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